Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Antique miniature sewing machine

Antique miniature sewing machine.
This is an antique sewing machine that has just come into our antiques mall. As you can see it comes with the original hand painted enamel metal case. The sewing machine is also hand painted with a lovely all over birds and flowers pattern. The hand crank still turns very easily and smoothly. This sewing machine was obviously very well cared for by its original owner. It does have a hallmark with two "B"'s with wings and it is stamped Germany. The case measures about 9.5"X12" and the miniature sewing machine is just smaller fitting snugly into it. We also buy antique sewing machines. If you would like help with your antique sewing machines please contact us and visit our Antique Sewing Machines page.

Video of vintage sewing machines from our antiques mall.

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