Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Antique "The New Keystone Beater" with original label.

Antique "The New Keystone Beater" with original label
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This is an antique "The New Keystone Beater" just into our antiques mall from a local retired resident. As you can see it still has the original paper label with the little girl which makes this fabulous piece even more rare. It has obviously been well cared for by its original owner. The paper label reads "The New Keystone Beater Reduces the Work Improves the Food Detachable Whip Easy to Clean Culinary Utilities Dpt Bloomfield, NJ.". The beaters turn very easily when you rotate the handle. The top reads "New Keystone Beater Culinary Utilities Co New York NY Bloomfield NJ". The glass sides are marked for both dry and liquid materials. The bottom is marked "New Keystone Beater Factory Culinary Utilities Co Bloomfield NJ New York USA". This is an incredible piece and it looks great but one of the corners on the bottom does have a chip as you can see form our pictures which is common for a used culinary tool like this.

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