Friday, April 12, 2013

Prussian Calvary Trooper Sword Model 1889 Dragon Saber and Scabbard Freiherr Von Manteuffel

Prussian Calvary Trooper Sword Model 1889 Dragoon Regt 'Freiherr Von Manteuffel' (Rhenish) No 5 just into our antiques mall. This sword and scabbard set has just come in from a local retired collector. It has a white metal guard & hilt mounts. Folding outer guard bearing Prussian Eagle, folding pierced inner guard. Black bakelite grip. This antique sword features an incredibly detailed blade as you can see from our pictures. The blade has "Drag. Regt. FRHR V Manteuffel (Rhein.) N0 5.". The sword measures about 38" long and has the Prussian Eagle on the handle. This sword has all over wear to be expected and the handle has a small chip and crack. This is a great collector's piece for any advanced military memorabilia collection. We also buy antique swords. If you have vintage swords or antiques swords you would like help with please contact us through our Antiques Mall.
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