Thursday, May 23, 2013

Civil War Antiques

Civil War Antiques from Gannon's Antiques & Art. We are your source for Fort Myers antiques and we are Southwest Florida's most active antiques buyers. Take a look below at some of the Civil War Antiques from our antiques mall.

Civil War Antique Artillery Insignia Pin
Civil War embroader artillery pins from our antiques mall. This was part of a nice collection of Civil War antiques that came into us from a Civil War antiques collector. We buy Civil War antiques like this as often as we can.

Civil War Antique Musician's Patch & Pin
This set of Civil War antique patch and pin is in great condition and was well cared for by the original owner. As you can see the Civil War patch has an "8" on it and the pin is brass.

Civil War Antique Artillery Hat Insignia Antietam
This is a Civil War antique artillery insignia found at Antietam. It came into our antiques mall from a lifetime Civil War antiques collector.

Civil War Antique Canteen
Civil War antique metal canteen. Signed and identified belonging to an Ensign Northrup of the hundred and 12th, New York K Company infantry. Includes rare cork and holding strap intact. Shows where but a great find. value Comes with supporting documentation and history of the original owner. Great find. We also buy Civil War Antiques and you can see more on our Civil War Antiques Page.

Civil War Officer's Sword Tassles
This is a Civil War antique officer's sword sash. Scarlet colored and over 9 1/2 feet long. Original tassels and woven knots on the ends. Minor wear and staining due to age. Very rare to find one so long.

These are just some of the great Civil War antiques we have from our antiques mall and as always we are interested in buying Civil War antiques and offer free antiques appraisals. If we can help you with your antiques please contact us.

Civil War Antique Field Officer's Sword
This is a very nice example of a Civil War era sword in good condition. It is a high Grade model with a single clamshell guard, gilt brass guards & pommel, and has shark skin grips. The manufacturer was W A Raymold of New York, NY.

Civil War Antique Field Officer's Sword

Civil War Sword NCO
This sword is a good example of the kind carried by noncommissioned officers and militia units in the Civil War. It was manufactured by the Ames company and featured gilt over brass guards and pommel and langets. The gilding is largely worn away, but overall this sword is in good shape considering its age.

NCO Civil War Sword Video