Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fenton Glass

This is one case in our antiques mall in Fort Myers, Florida featuring Fenton Glass and Franciscan Apple pieces from a new vendor. As you can see this collection has many very nice pieces. There are some cranberry glass pieces, some vaseline glass, and a good collection of Franciscan Apple pieces. Everything here is in great condition and you will find some bargains. Please be sure to see more pictures of the treasures from this case below including some photos of a vaseline glass piece lit from a black light.

We also buy Fenton Glass, vaseline glass, and Franciscan Apple pieces as well as offer free antiques appraisals.

Vaseline glass lit by black light!
Vaseline glass or uranium glass is glass which has had uranium, usually in oxide diuranate form, added to a glass mix before melting. The proportion usually varies from trace levels to about 2% by weight uranium, although some 20th-century pieces were made with up to 25% uranium. Vaseline glass was once made into tableware and household items, but fell out of widespread use when the availability of uranium to most industries was sharply curtailed during the Cold War in the 1940s to 1990s. Most such objects are now considered antiques or retro-era collectibles, although there has been a minor revival in art glassware. Otherwise, modern uranium glass is now mainly limited to small objects like beads or marbles as scientific or decorative novelties. Info from Wikipedia

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