Saturday, September 28, 2013

Heinz Kilfitt Munchen Tele-Kilar 300mm f5.6 lens, Vintage Photography

Heinz Kilfitt Munchen Tele-Kilar 300mm f5.6 lens
This lens is in near mint condition. It has been professionally cared for since its original purchase. It was part of a very large professional collection of camera equipment that we acquired. The lens includes both end caps and the original case. There is no signs of fungus, scratches, separation, and no oil on the blades. The blades operate smoothly and the focus is smooth and firm. The housing and hood are in well cared for condition. The serial number is 208-5175.

More about the collection this piece came from: We have just acquired the camera collection of a military hero and CIA operative! Hayden Estey (1913-2004), graduated from Harvard University and then spent several years as a roving journalist, working in Massachusetts, New York, Argentina and France. In 1939, while he was living in the Bordeaux region of France, he covered the Nazi advance across Europe for the old U.S. News magazine and for CBS radio. As member of the Army Reserve, Mr. Estey was recalled to active duty in 1940. He joined the 11th Armored Division as executive officer of a field artillery battalion and fought in the Battle of the Bulge. He was awarded the Bronze Star. After WW2, Mr. Estey joined the Central Intelligence Group, a forerunner of the CIA, and served in Japan, Germany and at Langley. He used his journalism experience as cover and freelanced for Time Life. He never told his family about the nature of his work. With his passing in 2004, he was buried with honors at Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA. We also have a blog post with more items and info we are working on for information purposes you can see here on our Vintage Photography Collection from CIA Operative blog post!

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