Saturday, April 27, 2013

Antique D. C. Muller & Bro. Carousel Horse

Antique D. C. Muller & Bro. Carousel Horse
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This is a beautiful antique D.C. Muller & Bro. carousel horse just into our antiques mall. It's a Philadelphia style Second Row Stander with a peek a boo mane on custom stand. As you can see it looks amazing and has been professionally restored by Wolf Studios. This antique carousel horse is about 51" long and is certain to be the highlight of any advanced collection.

Daniel Muller and his brother Alfred operated their own carousel company from 1903 to 1917, building approximately 12 to 16 carousels. Daniel Muller is generally recognized as the greatest carver of carousel animals, carving very realistic and artistic animals. His only two remaining carousels are at Forest Park, Queens, New York, and Cedar Point, Ohio. None of his trade mark Military Muller carousels still exist although the outside row horses on the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are all "Miliary Mullers." The Muller brothers had originally worked for Dentzel, and after the closing of their own enterprise they again went back to Dentzel. Muller's style is recognizable in some of the later Dentzel carousels. It is popular to attribute any well-carved horse to Daniel Muller; however, there is no documented evidence that he carved for any company other than Muller and Dentzel. (Info from

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