Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Antique lamp, Pairpoint Puffy Art Glass Lamp

Antique lamp, Pairpoint Puffy Art Glass Lamp
This antique lamp is beautiful! It was made by the Pairpoint company in the early 1900s. They were known for their gorgeous hand painted art glass lamp shades after they merged with Mount Washington Glassworks In the late 1800s, in New Bedford, Massachusetts. This particular one measures approximately 1 foot in diameter. It has four large lobes with smaller rounded lobes within each. The original and rare tree trunk form base is stamped with the Pairpoint name and logo. It stands approximately 2 feet tall with the shade. This is a great size because it would fit really well in a living room, dining room or bedroom. This shade is expertly reverse painted with large flower heads and pretty leaves amidst overall decoration. It was definitely a luxury item for the rich at the time it was made. We have known and seen this lamp for years in a local home and have finally been able to acquire it! It is in very good condition with no cracks and no chips. Pairpoint lamps were contemporary to Tiffany lamps with their distinction being the famous puffy shades. This antique lamp is heirloom quality!

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