Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Antique lamps, Antique Egyptian wall sconces c. 1801

Antique lamps, Antique Egyptian wall sconces c. 1801
This is an exceptional pair of antique wall sconces circa 1801 Empire. They are gilt and patinated bronze featuring an Egyptian emperor bust at the top with three light candelabra in the form of heralding trumpets, each with a face on the curve. The gilt leafy wreaths add to the Impressiveness of these 20 inch tall ormolu wall sconces. They were stored in a box dated 1801 which is correct for the period of these rare Egyptian revival sconces. One half of a laurel wreath is no longer attached at the back. Imagine the magnificent room these wall sconces would have lit! They would be mysterious and elegant flickering in the candlelight. These antique lamps are incredible and unlike any we have had in our antiques mall before.

Watch our video on these amazing antique sconces.

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