Monday, May 20, 2013

Fort Myers Antiques

Fort Myers, Florida antiques from our huge antiques mall. We have an incredible collection of antiques, art, and collectibles displayed in a 20,000 square foot indoor antiques mall. We host over 100 unique antiques vendors all in our indoor antiques mall. See one of our antiques mall vendor's case.

In our huge indoor antiques mall in Fort Myers, Florida we showcase the treasures of over 100 unique antiques vendors. We are adding one more antiques dealer to our mall and below we have the first photos of what is being brought in.
There are more antiques coming in from this antiques vendor and way more displayed in our mall. We also buy antiques and offer free antique appraisals.

Rings from our antiques mall
Our antiques mall in Fort Myers, Florida features a nice selection of antique jewelry and vintage jewelry. Here are four rings we have showcased now. See more about them on our antique jewelry post. We also buy antique jewelry, buy vintage jewelry and we buy silver.

Royal Worcester China Padua
Royal Worcester antique China in the Padua pattern. This is a large beautiful set of antique China in great condition. As active Fort Myers antiques buyers we buy antique China often and this is one of the best kept sets you could hope to get. To see more of our vintage China and antique China be sure to see our Antique China Page.

Asian antique cloisonne lamp.
Antique Asian oil floor lamp just into our antiques mall. This antique cloisonne lamp is in great condition and one of the many beautiful antique lamps we have displayed in our huge antiques mall. This amazing antique oil lamp has been converted to a functional electric floor lamp for modern use. To see more of our Asian antiques please see our Asian Antiques Page.

Asian antique cloisonne lamp video.

Fort Myers antiques from Gannon's Antiques & Art

Gannon's Antiques & Art in Fort Myers, Florida is Southwest Florida's number one source for antiques. If we can help you with your antiques please contact us.

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