Friday, May 17, 2013

Presidential memorabilia

Presidential memorabilia.
We just acquired an extensive collection of presidential memorabilia from a lady who spent her career as a White House administrator. For 44 years she worked with seven different presidential administrations. There are some personal photos with her and one of these world leaders plus lots and lots of photos of the presidents. I spoke to her personally and she told me that she was often in charge of sending out the Christmas cards or publicity photographs. In addition she collected presidential pens and pins plus other gifts that were given to dignitaries, staff members, and others. If you want to add to your collection of presidential memorabilia this is the time! I guarantee that each piece is authentic and that it came from a career White House staffer. I will email a copy of a letter on Jimmy Carter's letterhead to this lady. It states that he and Rosalynn are pleased to join in honoring her retirement after 44 years of outstanding service to the federal government. 30 of those 44 years were spent at the White House during the tenure of seven presidents attesting to her stamina dedication and excellence. This is a once in a lifetime chance to acquire true authentic Presidential memorabilia!

These are some of the amazing items just into our antiques mall at Gannon's Antiques & Art.  Click here to see more of Gannon's Just In!

Watch our video on this collection!

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