Monday, June 24, 2013

Antique appraisals

Antique Appraisals by professional antique appraisers on staff. We have been actively in business since 1998 appraising antiques and fine art. We offer free antique appraisals in our antiques mall in Fort Myers, FL. If we can help you with your antique appraisals contact us.

We research thousands of actual sold antiques and art to find the most accurate antique appraisal values possible. We have been appraising antiques and art professionally for many reasons including: estate liquidations, legal planning reasons, and to help our client's curiosity to know the value of their antiques and art. See also our Antique Appraisals web page for more information about how we can help you.

Antique furniture appraisals
We appraise furniture from antique to modern. Our team of professional antiques appraisers can help you with furniture of any age. Operating out of our antiques mall in Fort Myers, FL we have seen all types of furniture and can help you with yours.
The desk on the left is an antique Wooton Desk. This incredible antique desk appraised for over $10,000. Some other unique pieces we have had recently include an antique China cabinet pie safe with plenty of storage in great condition. There is also a Hoosier Cabinet just into our antiques mall from "Home Economist". Another unique piece we have is a Barrister Bookcase with glass doors measuring 3.5' tall and is 34" wide.

Antique China Appraisals
We also provide antique China appraisals and showcase many pieces of fine antique china.The piece to left is an antique Fischer Budapest Jardiniere in great condition. This is just one of the pieces of we also have a huge assortment of fine antique China. Another rare piece is our Antique Meissen China shelf. Its an incredibly detailed antique porcelain shelf with ornate flowers all over it.

Antique Jewelry Appraisals
Our antiques mall features a large selection of antique jewelry and we offer free antique jewelry appraisals. We appraise all types of jewelry specializing in antique diamond jewelry, amber jewelry, antique gold jewelry, and more. Antique jewelry is the most common possession passed down from generation to generation. We can help you establish antique jewelry value in today's changing market. As active Florida antique jewelry buyers we are able to buy antique jewelry often. If we can help you with your vintage or antique jewelry please contact us.
See also our vintage & antique jewelry.

Antique Silver Appraisals
As Florida estate buyers we acquire vintage silver, antique silver, and silver flatware often. We buy silver and stay current with the ever changing silver values. Let us help you with your silver, we offer professional antique silver appraisals, we buy single rare silver pieces, and we buy silver flatware sets. The set we have shown on the left is an amazing Georg Jensen Acanthus flatware set. It has an incredible 178 beautiful sterling silver pieces. See also our webpage Antique Silver.


  1. I have a group of art that was not framed from various places. Some of it may have value. It was found in a garage professionally boxed for moveing and then lost to time. The owners and I sifted through it and they gave me the items I have for me to do with as I like. I need the art appraised to see if it has any value. I believe one item is of most interest.

  2. Can I send you pictures of some items that you might be interested in?

  3. I am interested in a valuation of full tea and dinner services , 6 settings including accessories (veg dishes, etc) of Wedgwood KUTANI CRANE, BROWN EDGED.
    Do require photos?

  4. Hi i have a Enicar moon phase triple calendar circa 1940s Can you value this ? Considering selling thanks Harry

  5. Bovet Flyback Three Pusher Vintage Chronograph Landeron 47 Incabloc Circa 1937 in good working conditions, i like to know valu and an if your have any interested in this type of Art piece. Thank you

  6. Am interested in a value of a few antiques may I send pics to you thank you

  7. I have a hutch, table and 8 chairs that is walnut and has been in our family since 1892. The table has a sophisticated wind out extender that was manufactured in England and three extra leaves. the set is in excellent shape but the only identifier is a serial number with 8292 embedded in the wood. Photos available if you are interested.

  8. Have a small 4"×6" painting of Roma sparita
    Via dei cappellari with card on back of canvas