Saturday, August 31, 2013

Lalique Crystal Cats

Lalique Crystal Cat, Chat Couche or Crouching Cat
This Lalique frosted crystal cat is called Chat Couche or Crouching Cat. He has just come into our antiques mall and he looks awesome. As you can see from our pictures he has a very detailed face. This piece measures about 9" long and is in great condition. He is signed on the bottom and just one of the Lalique Crystal pieces we have on display in our antiques mall at Gannon's Antiques & Art.

Lalique Crystal Cat, Chat Assis or Sitting Cat
Here's another fine Lalique frosted crystal cat called Chat Assis or Sitting Cat. He is in great condition also and measures about 8.25" tall. The face of this Lalique crystal cat is also very detailed.

Our antiques mall in Fort Myers, Florida features multiple Lalique pieces including the Lalique Crystal Deux Poissons Koi Fish. We also buy Lalique crystal pieces and offer free antiques appraisals. Gannon's Antiques & Art is your resource for antiques, art, and collectibles if we can help you please contact us.

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