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Burris Jenkins Jr original pen & ink drawings cartoon illustrations cominc art collection all artist signed.

This is a collection of original artwork by famous illustrator Burris Jenkins Jr. He was born in 1897 and died in 1966. The artwork here is from the 1920s - 1930s. Burris Jenkins Jr was a popular sports cartoonist whose work appeared in the New York Journal American. He is best known for his sports themes Interestingly, these are all original works of art that he used as his model for the final production. These were used as he created his now famous sports cartoons capturing historical sporting events. This is evidenced by the holes and wear at the corners where he pinned them. As you can each piece is signed by the artist. It is very rare to get the actual story boards that an artist used for his work.

Burris Jenkins Signed Original "Jack Dempsey & Tommy Loughran"
This is an original Burris Jenkins Jr. signed comic art of legendary boxers Jack Dempsey and Tommy Loughran. The illustrations show the two sparring, a distant scene of the ring,  and close ups of them individually. The comments hand written in are:  Demsey's new Breather- Now Noisless. The Champ's Rolling Motion Resembles The Atlantic's Rollers Back of the Training Stage.
"Jack Hurts You Going Away! If You're Coming In Its Curtains!"-Loughran
Boxing with Loughran Dempsey "Took" Blows For A Counter He Couldn't Do That With Tunney! (Even Loughran Drew Blood From His Nose!)
Jack is Master of his own ceremonies Meets "The Boys" at the gate pleasant Line of Gab.
"I am a Faster Man than Tunney", Said Loughran "Yet I'll be Frank Jack would get me in four or five rounds!" And as you can see this piece is signed by Burris Jenkins Jr.

Burris Jenkins Jr Original "Ty Cobb & Judge Landis"
Open book that has titled "Baseball Record Ty Cobb" with "Twenty-Two Years Service on Sept 25, 1919 (With an image of a big blot) Greatest Batter of All Time- One of World's Greatest Base Runners Composite Batting Average of .368 Scored 2,176 Runs in 2804 Games At Bat 10,856 Times Made 3,902 Hits Lived Clean For Whole Time In Baseball Batted Over .300 For Seventeen Years" As you can see it has an image of Ty Cobb walking past the open book touching the pages with his head down written under the book is "One Blot". Beside the open book you have a crowned King Solomon over looking a judge labeled public holding Rogers Hornsby with two women pleading to the judge one holding up a bag of money. Hornsby was released as manager of the Bronws by Judge Landis. On the backs of the women are "Louis" and "N.Y." Written in at the bottom is "The Judgement of Solomon!" On the other side of the book is an image of Jugde Landis sweeping a dust cloud reading "Three Scandals in 3 Yrs." Written in at the bottom is "One Thing We Can Depend On: Judge Landis Will Keep Thing Strictly Clean!" Landis was named baseball commissioner in 1920 in the aftermath of the Black Sox scandal. Landis put a lifetime ban on every member of the 1919 Chicago White Sox and became noted for his uncompromising measures to preserve the game's integrity. Landis was baseball's first commissioner, serving from 1920-1944. Though widely disliked for his stern, autocratic rule, he kept the post until his death. Landis voted down allowing African Americans to play in the major leagues. Then in the corner is the signature of Burris Jenkins Jr.

Burris Jenkins Jr Original "Big Bill Tilden, Golf, & Boxing"
Large image of Big Bill Tilden walking with tennis racket. His caption reads "Seeking vengeance, Big Bill Tilden is preparing to set out crusading against a certain French Monopoly!".There is a group cheering around a table holding trophies with a sign reading "Sunny France (more or less)". To the left is Uncle Sam wearing a barrell reading "Davis Cup" while a group walks away waiving. The caption reads "It took the French Invaders 2 or 3 years but the finally just about cleaned Uncle out!" The upper right features a giant man wearing boxing gloves looking down at a much smaller man wearing boxing gloves and that caption reads "For nearly 40 years foreign boxing invaders have found America an immovable Mountain. In the bottom right is man jousting on a horse (US Golfers). The jouster has a lion on his joust and also labels reading Sweetser Jones Walker Team. Caption "The Greatest Bit of Crusading America Ever Did Was Last YR Against The British Lion!" As you can see Burris Jenkins Jr signed this piece in the center.

Burris Jenkins Jr Original "Jack Dempsey vs Boxing Commission"
Jack Dempsey in boxing ring against a dummy on a stick labeled "Red Tape" Caption top: "Gas Attack" Holding the dummy is a group labeled "Boxing Commission, License Commission, Dukes Moguls and Whatnots". On the left above the crowd a caption reads "Lawyers Legal Advisors Attorneys Solicitors and So Forths". World’s heavyweight title fight between defending champion Jack Dempsey and challenger Gene Tunney. The fight was scheduled to happen in Yankee Stadium in New York but the License Committee of the New York State Athletic Commission refused to issue Dempsey a license to box in New York. The fight then took place in the Municipal Stadium in Philadelphia on September 23, 1926. Was one of the best events of the 1920's

Burris Jenkins Jr "Football, Ruby Goldstein, & Bill Cox"
This piece shows two football players in the center with scenes on both sides. There is an image of a football player on top of a mountain labeled "Drama" on the left. The person has a flag and on it is "Army Navy 21 - 21". The caption for this is "Attaining The Peak". The two football players in the center shows them each holding a sign. One footballer is much larger than the other and his sign reads "Little Colleges Carnegie Tech Lafayette North Western NYU Brown Missouri Alabama Etc." The much smaller footballer is holding a sign that reads "Big Colleges Harvard Yale Princeton Illinois Cornell Chicago Pennsylvania California Etc." The larger player is shown looking down snickering at the smaller frowning player. The caption here reads: "What is wrong with this picture?" The right side is made up of three scenes. The top is Ruby Goldstein climbing a ladder in his boxing gloves. Behind him is a crumbled fallen ladder labeled "Former Rep." The caption reads "Can't Keep A Good Man Down!" The scene below that is of Bill Cox the track star from Penn State breaking through a sign that reads "Intercollegiate Fame" held up by a man labeled "A.A.A." The caption here reads "Bill Cox Now Under The Big Tent!" The bottom picture is of a horse wearing a monocle putting on a hat labeled "Show". The caption here is "Putting On The High Hat". As you can see this piece is signed by Burris Jenkins in the center.  

Burris Jenkins Jr. original "Fidel La Barba"
Features Fidel La Barba in the center in fighting stance. He has a smaller image of him climbing a hill labeled with his accomplishments. They are "So Cal Title" "Pac Coast Title" "Nat Amateur" "Olympic Title" and at the top he is holding on to "World's Title". There's a Fidel La Barba quote reading "I didn't fall into fame over-night as most people think. My GLORY came in stages!" On the right there are two scenes. One is of Fidel as news boy punching the world with feet. The caption reads "And Bucked the World since the age of Eight. Supporting myself Newsboy - Setting Bowling Pins - Anything". The other scene is of Fidel running with books holding a crown. The caption reads "Going to send myself to College in Sept. - If I still have the Crown it goes too!". On the left there is a scene of Fidel boxing. The caption here is "Fidel is both Boxer and Fighter- If he can't win Boxing he wades in and Trades Em!". Title Fidel La Barba with caption under reading "The Youngest and Smallest World's Boxing Champion, Won the Flyweight Title at the age of Nineteen!". As you can see this piece is signed Burris Jenkins JR at the bottom.

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