Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Katherine's Collection at Silver Lake dolls just into our antiques mall.

Katherine's Collection at Silver Lake dolls just into our antiques mall. These amazing dolls are huge as you can see from our picture of Ursula having tea with them. They are from a limited production and come with certificates of authenticity. These vintage dolls are certain to be HUGE stand outs in any advanced collection luck enough to have them.

Here are the four dolls as you can see they are all dressed in beautiful renaissance clothing. Every inch of these huge plush dolls has been detailed. You are not likely to see anything like them.  

Katherine's Collection Life Size Rabbit Uncle Wiggs
Uncle Wiggs here is in great condition. He is very large as you can see from our pictures standing about 5' 5" tall. He is dressed in the most exquisite renaissance attire including top hat, celebrate over coat, and fancy pantaloons. There was nothing sparred in creating this incredible doll.  

Katherine's Collection Susan
This lovely doll is Susan and as you can see she is a cat. She comes complete with very detailed attire and tail. As you can see form our pictures she is very tall, standing 4' tall. She also comes with certificate of authenticity and is certain to make an excellent addition to any collection.

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